Μaria Savidaki, Pre-school educator
Scientific Collaborator
Adolescent Health Unit (A.H.U)
Second Dpt Pediatrics
"P.&A.Kyriakou"Children's Hospital
University of Athens

Children Rights, Δικαιώματα ΠαιδιούTo begin with...

Child is any human being under the age of 18 years old, unless he/she becomes an adult by law, under certain circumstances (Convention on the Rights of the Child), ( Even though there are no different definitions for the other terms used to describe youth in the international law, the movement for the children rights is consider distinct from the youth rights movement. The field of children’s rights is expanding on moral, politics, religion and law.

Children Rights, Δικαιώματα ΠαιδιούNowadays, millions of children worldwide are exposed, manipulated and discriminated against. That’s the reason why they need a special protection in order to ensure their psychical, psychological, mental, moral and social development.

Children Rights, Δικαιώματα ΠαιδιούChildren’s rights: human rights
Children’s rights are human rights, as they are focusing all of their power in actions to protect and care the minors. This include the right of children to associate with both of his/her parents, have an identity as a human being, as well as covering their basic needs for food, paid- free education, health care and legally defined legislations appropriate for this certain age, focusing on the psychological and psychical development of children. Furthermore, there should be ensured not only a protection for the children’s civil rights, but also the elimination of discriminations based on children’s gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, nationality, ethnicity, religion, color. (Wikipedia- children’s rights).


Children Rights, Δικαιώματα Παιδιού









Children Rights, Δικαιώματα ΠαιδιούInterpretation of children’s rights range from giving the freedom and cultivate their capacity for autonomous action, to their enforcement of being mentally, psychically and emotional free from abuse. Each and every developing society must recognize, ensure, respect and protect the rights of its citizens, especially when it comes on such a fragile social group as children. The main role of every society should be focusing on giving help to children in order to become, psychically and mentally healthy citizens, capable of using all of their abilities and power in order to subservice themselves and the community in which they live in . (Zakopoulou A. 2012). It is in our hand to eliminate every form of discrimination and manipulation.