Athanasiou Kalliopi

Graduate psychologist of the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens and Scientific Collaborator of the Adolescent Health Unit (A.H.U), 2nd Dpt of Pediatrics-University of Athens,“ P.& A. Kyriakou” Childrens Hospital.

She is specialized in the diagnosis of learning disabilities, as well as in the psychometric evaluation of the adolescents with the use of WISC-III psychometric test and in the psychological counseling of adolescents.

   Furthermore, she is certified for her specialization in “internet addiction” for the adolescents, as well as in the dangers which the adolescents face, due to the unlimited internet use.

She has developed research relevant to adolescent’s issues, for their sexual habits, and for the internet addiction behaviors.

She has also introduced the above subjects in National Conferences and Seminars for parents, adolescents and educative personnel.


Elisabeth K. AndrieElisabeth K. Andrie has studied Medicine at the Medical School of Athens University and she is Board-certified in Pediatrics since 2003. She has completed her doctoral thesis (PhD) on “Risk factors of childhood Hodgkin’s disease” during postgraduate research collaboration at the Athens University Department of Hygiene and Epidemiology (2011). She has worked in research in the Athens University Center of Research and Prevention of Injuries among the Young (CEREPRI).

During her specialty training in Pediatrics at the “Aghia Sophia” General Children’s Hospital of Athens, she continued her clinical work with special interest in the hospital care of adolescents suffering from chronic disease. She had also clinical responsibilities regarding hospital and outpatient adolescents with thalassemia in General Hospital of Chania Crete (1999 - 2001). She has completed an Adolescent training course (2004-2005) in the Center for Health and Prevention in Adolescence (CE.HE.P.A.). She has been trained in Effective Adolescent Care and Health Protocols University of Lausanne/ Adolescent Health Unit (EuTEACH Summer School July 2006). She has studied adolescence behaviour, habits and problems in Greece and worked in research and the application of health intervention programmes in Greek adolescents as well.